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Musical awakening program
45 minutes
(each child must be accompanied by an adult)

Each week, children participate in a dozen or so musical activities. Songs are in both French and English while we explore different types of music such as jazz, classical and big band. Dance and movement are incorporated to express and integrate rhythm.

Through games and play, your budding musician will also be initiated to tonal and rhythmic theory, important elements in understanding and appreciating music. Your child will never hear the words: 'Don't touch!' with us because we encourage them to explore all the instruments we bring along.

Class size: minimum of 8 and maximum of 12 children per class

Fun, music and movement

Informal instruction where children participate at will and at their own personal developmental level. Learning is stimulated through play. Classes for children aged 0 to 5 accompanied by a parent or caregiver. Children of different age groups (including siblings) enjoy each others company while benefiting from early exposure to music which will greatly enhance their development.

All instruments and accessories are carefully selected to be age appropriate.
Shakers, triangles, bells and drums are among the many instruments available for all to enjoy.

Material includes a CD and colouring songbook featuring one of The music class's collections designed to stimulate young minds. A new set is offered each session.

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